• George Angelakos

forged iron "bow and arrow"

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Being an enthusiast of bowhunting i was thrilled when i received a call from the people at "Bowhunting Down Under" magazine to commission me to forge a wrought iron art piece for the magazines showroom.

I drew a sketch and submitted my idea for the piece and before i knew it i was getting down to business, stoking the coal fired forge and prepping the anvil for some serious hammer work!!

The bow and arrow has played an improtant part in mans history, and during the golden age of Greek Mythology it was associated with the Greek Goddess "Artemis", also known as the "Virgin Huntress" who held her bow poised to shoot as the symbolic protector of nature and all things pure.

Having looked at many types of artwork throughout my life including ancient blacksmithing techniques, i realised i had to do this piece some justice and really create something which makes a bold, yet detailed statement, which commands respect from the observers perspective.

I decided on a slender yet masculine sweep to the top and bottom riser of the bow which consisted of a fully seam welded box section scalloped and shaped to taper into the handle which coincidentally is a large solid forged re-bar section.

This forged re-bar connects top and bottom risers and sports an arrow rest.

Side plates on the risers were meticulously textured with the hammer once they were pulled out of the forge and rivets were later added as were the "Spartan" combat spikes.

Next was the arrow head, arrow shaft and rear fletches.

The arrow head i made in three pieces, which were fully welded then smoothed, and connected to a very tightly twisted arrow shaft, and lastly connected to shaped 3 piece ground and textured fletches.

The magazines font was done in solid wrought iron and i went to great lengths to ensure it was a good match for continuity,s sake.

I wrapped and bound the bow string which was made from 6mm stainless wire rope and added the mounting feet, for the piece to be bolted to the wall.

In keeping with the theme of "Artemis" and the symbolism of purity, a highly polished wrought iron finish was the only option, and this helped to raise the piece from ordinary to "Supernatural".

All in all it was a very enjoyable piece to create, and the good people at "Bowhunting Down Under" were very appreciative to take ownership of such a magnificent creation.