About Us

George Angelakos - Blacksmith

The art of “Forging Iron” dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who were one of the first civilizations to discover its potential, not only on the battlefield, with swords and shields, but also for its domestic applications. Blacksmiths in Ancient times were thought to possess “Divine Powers”. Thankfully those Ancient “Masterpieces” still exist in museums today as a true testament of their skill and ability. Wrought Iron will forever remain an aesthetically pleasing medium when manipulated by hand and fire.

Great Grandfather Angelakos - Blacksmith

The phrase "Passion to create" best defines Artisan / Blacksmith George Angelakos. Forging iron is simply following in the footsteps of his Great Grandfather, the Village blacksmith of “Tarapsa”  near “Sparta”, Greece, at the turn of the Century. Inspired by “Old-World Craftsmanship” and "timeless masterpieces", George Angelakos of Artemis Wrought Iron can take your vision and turn it into reality. Commissions can be designed using an existing idea you may have, or designed for you as a unique original, which will ultimately become an everlasting investment.