Although Artemis Wrought Iron designs and creates almost anything imaginable in an artistic sense, an even proportion of that work has been in the form of General fabrication and repairs. Below is a list of services provided.


Whether it is an artistic item or a general welding job, personalized service is of the utmost importance. “nothing is better than the clients satisfaction”.

Structural steel

* Baseplates for pole homes

* Awning supports

*Heavy duty hinges drains

* Driveway grilles

General steel

* Farm equipment

* Slasher body repairs

* Custom galvanized rural gates and fencing ramps

* Tractor buckets ( repairs & modifications including strengthening )

* Cattle grids

* Security grills

* Steel work benches

* Livestock enclosures & for utilities

* Trailer modifications

Blacksmithing services

* Forging

* Sharpening

* Retempering

* Crow Bars

* Breaker Bars

* Jackhammer chisels

* Picks

* Cattle brands

* Shovels etc.